#1. Rethink Your Daily Activities

To save energy, do your laundry & dishes in the evening when the weather is cooler. When you can, think about using your grill outdoors over your appliances in the kitchen.

#2. Go Green, By Planting Green

Planting trees for shade can really pay off. Plant on the west & south sides of your house. Once the trees mature, they block the sun’s most intense rays.

#3. Give Your Windows a Workout

When temperatures are cool in the evening, cross-ventilate rooms by opening windows. Close them first thing in the morning to seal in the cool air.

#4. Install a Fan

When you keep the air in your house moving, you’ll feel cooler. Leaving ceiling fans going to pull the air down will really help.

#5. Turn up The Heat

As crazy as it sounds, if you turn up your Thermostat or at least resist the urge lower the temperature down for a quick cool, you can save energy. It also stops the wear & tear on your system.