Our friends over at Scoop Charlotte asked us to give them our top “to dos” and “not to dos”

when it comes to preparing to sell your home. We had to stop and ponder for a few…

as we also understand that in a world of HGTV, Houzz, Pinterest and many of the other

avenues, our clients have a pretty clear idea of what buyers want or what they want. But

do they really know what they should do? What projects will help them and what projects

could end up hurting. Well, here is our advice in all it’s glory. (Click on Image)

Kitchen - New

A big thank you to: Rebecca Thomason, Jenny Lam, Peggy Elmore, Anja Zimmerman,

Linda Davis, Sarah Kennerly, Jim Fagan, Peggy Peterson, Reba Hatfield & Debbie White