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Relocation Team

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when we engage personally with our customers and clients, more can be accomplished. Every potential buyer or seller who contacts the Cottingham Chalk Relocation Team receives a personal phone call in return. That’s how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Matchmaking is what we do and it’s important to understand your real estate needs and any other goals or expectations you have. Need more? Let’s talk!

Suzanne Lail
Relocation Director

Has been with Cottingham Chalk since 2001 and brings over 30 years of real estate experience to her position as Relocation Director. She is an active member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council® (WERC), Relocation Directors Council® (RDC) and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council (CMARC). Suzanne holds a Certified Relocation Professional® designation which demonstrates her commitment to being at the top of her profession. Her daily responsibilities include developing and managing relationships with corporations and RMC, counseling transferees and assessing their needs, training our team of relocation agents and seeking new business opportunities for the department. She is a licensed broker in North and South Carolina.

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Kathryn Kirby
Relocation Coordinator

Started with Cottingham Chalk in 2014 as Relocation Coordinator, and soon earned her Relocation Coordinator Certification from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™. Her attention to detail and excellent interpersonal skills allow her to effectively work with newcomers as well as individuals whose jobs are requiring them to leave Charlotte. Kathryn is an active member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and the Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council (CMARC). Her day to day responsibilities include counseling transferees, performing needs assessments, reviewing Broker Market Analyses, managing internet leads, placing outbound referrals and marketing our services to other brokerages. She is a licensed broker in North Carolina.

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