We’ve aligned ourselves with one of the best mortgage lenders in North Carolina.


Cunningham & Company

prides themselves on making mortgage lending simple!


As an independent mortgage banking firm, they have the flexibility to offer not only the product that will work best for you, but they control the process of lending from origination to closing.

We feel confident that you will appreciate their strong commitment to personal service and enjoy your experience when it comes to working with Skip O’Neal.


As you start to look for a new home, Skip can really help you understand your true purchasing power. He will take into consideration any down payment funds, income, monthly expenses, and of course, the current interest rates; to come up with a monetary range that you should be able to borrow up to.

This pre-approval is easily obtainable and , will be something you will want to have before you start your home search.



Conventional (Fixed & Adjustable Rates)


Extended Interest Rate Lock-in

First Time Homebuyer Programs

Top 5 Lender for North Carolina

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