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Summer is now in full effect! The sweltering
heat has started to take over & staying cool is
becoming priority. Maybe you need a relaxing oasis?
Outdoor swimming pools can definitely add
beauty to your back yard landscaping and of course
we know they can provide a great way to unwind
after a stressful day. So what are some of the
other benefits of owning a pool? We thought
we would share a couple of our favs.

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Dissolves Anxiety

Water is a natural stress reliever, so it makes
sense that most people who live near the
water tend to be more relaxed and rested.
The sound, the soothing vibration and
of course, the feeling of quiet can positively
impact your well-being.

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Great Exercise

Exercising in water can be a highly efficient
aqua-aerobic workout. Since a majority of your
body is submerged — the water adds resistance
which creates a need to use more muscles. An hour
of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories.
It burns off more calories than jogging or biking
and has little to no impact on bones and joints.
For great exercise ideas, click here!

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Sleep Soundly

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing as
the sound of water, so some of the water features
provide a sleep inducing sound. Even if you don’t
include a fountain or waterfall type feature in a
pool, just an evening swim can help to calm, as the
water lowers your body temperature at your core it
helps many of us to wake up less times throughout
the night and even may put us in a deeper sleep.

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Happiness & Entertainment

Pools are a great place to gather friends & family
together for a little fun or relaxation. While pool
parties are always exciting, you don’t need the
party to add a splash of fun, just look at a pool as
a great way to spend a little quality time together.

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