Moving to Charlotte can be filled with fun & adventure! The only thing stopping the fun, is trying to find out when, how & most importantly where. Right? Not any more…

Our friends at Scoop Charlotte have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things you need to know when it comes to QC living, CLT retail and enjoying our fabulous city. Their name says it all!

They have built relationships with many of Charlotte’s “Hot Spots” so that can bring you daily deals or breaking details on local happenings. Their reach encompasses such an array of interests from great eats, fitness, interior design, weddings, local events and of course, fashion. They also have a wide variety of ways to get you the daily dets, but one of our favs is the weekly e-mail. Want to find out what’s going on too? Sign up here:

You can also find them on just about any of the socials or at their website.

002_Front - Edited

This week, they featured our newest “Hot Pick” property at 824 Harvard Place in Myers Park.  Take a peek inside for yourself: