A Myers Park perspective from our guest writer: Butch Tuck of The Tuck Team!

Butch - Smaller

Shade trees, wandering sidewalks, five minutes to uptown, hospitals, SouthPark, I-77, retail shopping, close fine dining, walk to Freedom Park, bike along streets and the greenway, excellent schools, churches, family friendly neighborhood living. Myers Park was an old farm with streets laid out along cotton terraces, lined by oak trees, brought in by mules and wagons. Queens University is in the heart of it and a premier golf course and country club, Myers Park Country Club. All this is within walking distance. What is there not to like about Myers Park?

I sit on my front porch and enjoy interacting with neighbors who walk by or stop for pleasant conversation, and watch birds flying in the canopy above, darting through shrubs.

There goes Smitty, famous band leader, riding his bike faster than he should, as he gives a shout out. You learn the dogs names as they tug at their leashes to get a treat furnished by my granddaughter. By now they look for it when they come by. Old outdated homes yield to new larger ones. Evolution is constant. It’s the people who live here that make a community. For me this location is perfect..two hours from the mountains, four hours to the beach and 10 seconds from the refrigerator to the front porch.

Life in Myers Park is access to everything, but bothered nor encumbered by none.