One of the most important things we can assist our clients with in this ever changing real estate market, is to help them understand what millennial buyers want. For most of our clients selling, the next homeowner will more than likely be younger than they are and just starting the stage of life in which they are possibly growing out of. The challenge for so many is forgetting about what they like/want and to refocus on what the next owner will more than likely want. Here are just a few things that are really hot when it comes to these buyers…

No. 1 – Warm Gray Walls
Warm gray, or what many call greige,
seems to be all the rage. It pairs nicely
with a wide array of complimentary
colors and clean-lined furniture.

004_Living Room


No. 2 – Shower Space
While garden tubs had their glory
days, it is now time to make way for
the large, open glass shower. holding
true to the simple & clean look.

025_Master Bathroom


No. 3 – Stainless Appliances
This isn’t anything new, but
still very much a hot item
when it comes to appeal.

011_Kitchen - Smaller


No. 4 – White Cabinetry
The clean & crisp look of white
or off-white cabinetry in a kitchen
is a must. White kitchens
remain a classic.

1333 S Kings Dr Charlotte NC-print-009-Kitchen-2272x1704-300dpi


No. 5 – Downplay Formal Areas
Usable space seems to be key.
They would rather have home
offices or media rooms over
living & dining rooms.