Has frustration set in when it comes to using certain apps or real estate websites

during your house hunting? We completely understand how annoying it can be to

search for houses, select a few which meet your wants/needs, find out that the information

hasn’t been updated and realize that these same homes are already under

contract or sold. We think we have the solution & a better way of house hunting. Interested?

Myers Park - Charlotte, NC


Wouldn’t it be great if you could view properties that are updated up to the minute,

you could eliminate the listings which aren’t your favs and make notes or mark your favorites.

We can totally make that happen for you!

Lake Norman


Our agents can easily set you up a “Client Portal”. We set up a search based on the

criteria which is most important to you. We can get as detailed as you would like

or be a little more vague.


Once we fill out your criteria, we will send you an e-mail to get into your personalized search.

Here comes the fun part! You can view, prioritize & personalize the properties.


~You can select the properties you really like & add them to your favorites.

~ You can add your own little notes to the properties.

~ You can highlight properties & add them to possibilities which are added to your maybe lists.

~ You can even delete/eliminate the properties that are of no interest to you.


You can get e-mail updates periodically that will nudge you to go back into your “Portal”.

We work with you to schedule days/times that would be best for you to receive e-mails.

These e-mails can be once a week, a few times a week or even everyday of the week. These

e-mails will have any new properties or changes to the status of previous properties.

(However, you can go back into your portal any time & the information will

be as accurate as it can be.)

Butler's Pantry - Charlotte (1)


Information is provided straight from the CarolinaMLS, which is compiled of

the most timely data input directly from participating agents.

Charlotte, NC - Myers Park


Please feel free to contact any of our agents, as they would all love the opportunity

to set you up with your very own “Client Portal”. Even if you are just starting your

search, this is a convenient tool that can make your next house hunt a breeze!

Want a little help selecting an agent that matches your personality or maybe specializes

where you are searching, please contact our relocation team by e-mailing

info@cottinghamchalk.com and they will gladly pair you up.

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