That one word comes to mind when founders Dan Cottingham and John Chalk think of what they have created at Cottingham Chalk. Never in their wildest dreams did they think 35 years ago they would continue to celebrate their company’s success in residential real estate in Charlotte.

Dan and John started this business in 1983, in John’s house with just 9 agents. That first year they grew to 26 agents and opened their first SouthPark office. The success they saw in a year’s time would continue to carry Cottingham Chalk through the next SouthPark move in 1991 where they are currently located, while increasing their agents from 60 to over 90! Dedication, hard work and tenacity is what their firm was built on and the “Golden Rule” continues to be a pillar of its’ core values.

In 2009, they became Cottingham Chalk Hayes after the acquisition of Bissell Hayes. Most recently, in 2016 co-founder, John took on a consultant role for the company and continues to be a stronghold while Dan became President and CEO. In 2018, the company went back to its’ roots, becoming Cottingham Chalk.

Stepping through the doors of Cottingham Chalk you will feel the family spirit that is prevalent and the agents who continue to bring success year after year, to a dream that was created in 1983.