Halloween is in the books, and it’s time to turn our thoughts to a simpler holiday with unbelievable

meaning. While this holiday can sometimes get lost in-between the craze that Halloween brings and

the anticipation for the Christmas season. This lovely holiday offers us the opportunity to reflect

on the gifts we have already received. What a beautiful thought!


Thanksgiving is host to one of the most important meals of the year. A meal that tends to

be highly attended by those near and dear to our hearts or at least the ones that might be able

to grace us. As I’m sure many would second, the best time during the holidays is the time you

get to spend with those you love! It’s around this magical meal where we create bonds and

lasting memories, so we invite you to make this year’s table equally as memorable.

We’ve gathered some inspiring ideas that can help you transform your dining room

from boring to beautiful with some simple steps.


Pretty Little Dining Room


A rug can change the entire look of a room dramatically. It can be the spark of inspiration for an

entire room or it can be the piece that pulls your look together. So if you are starting to feel like

your dining room needs a little pick me up, changing up your rug might be just the thing. There are

plenty of options, colors, patterns & textures!


Thinking about the perfect rug, our friends at Charlotte Rug Gallery can help!


Dining Room with Fireplace


There is nothing more interesting than the architectural details in a home. For so many they trying to mimic the

character and charm that come with a cool built-in fireplace, textured walls, intricate ceilings, arched windows, etc.

 So if you have them, flaunt them! Play them up by attempting to make them a focal point in your room.


Traditional Charm


Artwork can create a focal point in a room or work with the focal point. The colors & size can also make

a big impact or instantly change the vibe of an entire room. Bright colors can add an element of fun and

really freshen up the space. Muted colors can add a calming effect.


Thinking about new artwork to transform your space, you are sure to find something you

love or at least some inspiration from Anne Neilson Fine Art.


Sage Pretty Dining Room


Maybe your fabric really isn’t in need of replacement, but the transformation can be dramatic, really

change the look of your room. The great thing about making a change like this is if you don’t happen to like

your fabric in a few years, it’s a quick & easy change to make again, as needed or desired.


Modern Twist on Dining


Good lighting adds warmth, personality and can change the color of any room. The ambiance

of a room can be modified by the amount of light injected. The feel of a room can be

updated by purchasing a new chandelier, adding accent lighting or might even be as easy as

a the change of a light bulb.


Did you know? Different bulbs produce different lighting effects.


Crisp & Clean Dining Room


We think this can be the most fun for sure! There are a wide array of options when it comes to accessories,

so find one that sparks your interest and run with it. Because we are talking about changing the look of a

dining room for Thanksgiving, dinnerware and table linens would be a great option. Centerpieces are

another great choice this time of year.


Even if you make one of these changes, you will see a dramatic difference in the look of your room.