best Charlotte neighborhoods

229 N. Church Street, one of Fourth Wards’ historic beauties up for sale. Built in 1907 as the Carolina Medical College.

A guide to five of the best Charlotte neighborhoods for historic homes and the fascinating history behind them.

Charlotte is a southern city mostly known for being built on the success of the city’s banking industry. The evolution of historic Charlotte neighborhoods helps tell a more intricate story of the area’s growth and clever development. Walks through some of the best Charlotte neighborhoods reveal numerous homes still sit on their original plots of land. Luckily, many have been preserved to serve as alluring tributes to Charlotte’s first settlers and elegant dwellings for today’s residents.


  • Dilworth: Did you know the Dilworth neighborhood was Charlotte’s first street-car suburb? The neighborhood was built around the transportation system in the 1890s by Edward Dilworth Latta. Most homes in the neighborhood are in the Bungalow style but a few Queen Anne and Colonial Revival homes are spread throughout. This neighborhood is now the ideal destination for young professionals and families. View all Dilworth homes for sale here.


  • Eastover: Also prompted by the streetcar revoltion, the Eastover neighborhood housed some of the wealthiest Charlotteans who migrated from the business district. Most homes are in the style of Georgian revival with hints of Tudor revival. Now home to Charlotte landmark The Mint Museum (Randolph), the Eastover neighborhood is still in high demand. View all Eastover homes for sale here.


  • Elizabeth: Yet another streetcar suburb, the Elizabeth neighborhood was jointly established on the shoulders of Charlotte’s medical community. Still home to two of Charlotte’s general hospitals, Elizabeth is a bustling district of the Queen City. Trees line the eastern part of the Elizabeth neighborhood to provide a picturesque setting for it’s homeowners. A famous former Elizabeth resident, retail maverick William Henry Belk’s home is still on Hawthorne lane. View all Elizabeth homes for sale here.


  • Fourth Ward: The northernmost quadrant of Charlotte’s four uptown wards, the Fourth Ward is home to striking Victorian homes and sleek, modern condominiums. This neighborhood came along before the aforementioned streetcar suburbs and was the original neighborhood for Charlotte’s wealthy residents. Charlotte was originally designed as a “walking city” so residing in the Fourth Ward was preferential since residents could walk to the center of commerce. Still true today, Fourth Ward residents are now able to stroll to top Charlotte attractions like the playground for all ages, Discovery Place. View all Fourth Ward homes for sale here.


  • Myers Park: Lastly, John Spring Myers, the owner of the original 1,220 acres of farmland on which the foundation of Myers Park is built, had a dream for his land executed beautifully by son-in-law George Stephens. In 1911, Stephens selected Harvard graduate and Independence Park architect John Nolen to plan the Myers Park neighborhood. The neighborhood was built to be a haven away from busy city life with rolling hills and calming creeks, a description of the neighborhood which has remained accurate over time. The neighborhood has blossomed into a nationally recognized beauty; if only John Spring Myers could see it today. View all Myers Park homes for sale here.

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