Nothing is more welcoming than a colorful front door! While painting a pop of color can be the quickest & easiest way to change the look of any home, for many selecting that ideal color can pose more of a challenge.


A Colorful Welcome!

In our experience, it’s always a good idea to take into consideration the style of your home, the color of your roof & some of the other architectural elements. The trim & shutters should also be something to ponder over.

Now To Find The Right Color!
Color Pallette for Doors

Some of the most popular color options in the last year or two seem to be:


Red Door


Turquoise Door - Boyd Cove


Orange Door


A Colorful Welcome! Purple Door - 5th Street


Lime Green Door

(Want to find out what emotions each of these color evokes? Find out!)

Still a little leery about the color options? We recommend collecting a few opinions possibly from a color consultant, your Realtor or even a few good friends (that will tell you like it is).

Side note: Sometimes the color you select would look better with just a slightly different undertone.

(Simple definition of undertone: color is created by mixing two or more colors together, the undertone is the secondary color.)

Mint Door - Valley Brook

Once you are confident, go ahead and start on your way to a color welcome by painting away & you’ll instantly notice a dramatic difference. Chances are your front door was already your homes focal point, but by making this change it will dramatically impact the look of the entire house. Your house will be saying “Welcome” with it’s new splash of gorgeous color!

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