Television and recent focus from HGTV design has elevated seller’s awareness of how to present and stage their homes.  Lets face it.  Pretty sells!  And you could spend a fortune and have lots of fun in the process but the ultimate goal here is to get your home ready for market; make it buyer ready and gorgeous for all those professional photos and virtual tours with out spending all that equity.

Great neutral living room

So where do you start and not start.

  1. As much as neutral wall colors are an absolute must when you walk into the door; children’s rooms that have bright hot pink or red, white and navy blue just might be something the new buyers children like. Just make those rooms cheerful and clutter free.
  1. Lighting fixtures can date a house for sure but it is not necessary to change out all of them. A few key focal lighting choices will give an updated look for the most important rooms. I would pick 3-5 key areas; front porch, foyer, dining room, breakfast area and master bath. The higher end the home the more custom and special the fixtures need to be. Choose fixtures that are stylish and speak to the personality of the home.
  1. Do not forget your back porch, patio or yard. This has come to be premium living space and extends the square footage outside. Casual outside furniture with splashes of Summer color can make a huge impact. Stage your outside area by making it inviting; feature an open umbrella with comfortable seating ready for entertaining.
  1. Do not go to the expense of granite counters if your kitchen is totally outdated. In older homes especially where renovations have been delayed and the kitchen would be best served with a total redo. Save your money! The new owners will buy your house for all its other positive points and renovate the kitchen when they move in
  1. What to do about those floors and the old carpet. Yes, buyers want hardwood floors but don’t spend your money on hardwoods unless you can get a professional to perfectly match the current ones.  Floors that change character, age and look from room to room is a top complaint of buyers.  If the carpet is old and drags down the value of your home, replace the carpet with a neutral tone, low pile carpet.  Buyers will appreciate that it is new and will be able use it until they get ready for something different.

So where are you going to save those valuable investment dollars before putting your home on the market?

  • Limit the areas for painting to entrances and common areas that need neutral colors.
  • Change lighting fixtures in some key areas such as front porch, foyer, dining area, breakfast room, and Master Bath.
  • Don’t forget to stage your patio, porch or deck. This is prime real estate and will bring value to the contract.
  • If rooms such as a kitchen need a total make over, spend your dollars elsewhere and leave that for the new owners. They may want to customize it for themselves anyway.
  • Avoid spending money on new hardwood floors that may not match. It could actually cost you more than the price of the hardwoods as buyers want consistent floor types.

The best to you in selling your home; your good work and thoughtful planning will pay off.

Written by :

Hatfield, Reba

Reba Hatfield