As planning continues for Charlotte’s first major PGA championship in August and we couldn’t be more proud of The Bell Team. The have volunteered to coordinate housing for some of the 156 pros attending.

Charlotte PGA Championship

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Charlotte Golf Tournaments Throughout the Years

The city is no stranger to these type of events. Just maybe on a little smaller scale. Charlotte has hosted many a golf tournament with the annual Wells Fargo Championship held in early May each year. Quail Hollow Country Club hosts this PGA Tour event and is known to attract some of the top players on the tour. Also known to have one of the tougher finishes on the tour with holes 16, 17, and 18 being challenging. This stretch is commonly known as the “Green Mile”. Players have seemed to always enjoy staying in Charlotte with all it’s southern charm. The city extends a warm welcome to players who usually reside at some of the areas finest hotels during the event.

PGA Tour


Charlotte’s 2017 PGA Championship

The 2017 PGA Championship is one of golf’s four major championships. With this being Charlotte’s first time hosting, accommodations are a little different. Players coming to Charlotte for the tournament are looking for privacy & convenience. With the tournament being a little grander scale, they want some of the amenities they might find at home and a place to really relax. Chances are these players will be traveling with a little bigger entourage – family, friends, their trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs – than usual. You name them and they might be here with the players. While the accommodations and needs are different for each player, some of the requests have included fitness equipment and pools for their kids. Players started leasing the homes this spring with The Bell Team.

Read more about the process and all the prep that has been going on behind the scenes. Our friends at the Charlotte Observer wrote an excellent article about Anne & McSwain’s efforts. Charlotte Observer

McSwain always has his game dialed in. See him on the course here: McSwain Bell

Interested in finding out more about Player Housing Assistance, please contact Anne Bell and McSwain.